First Week

This week has been bitter sweet. The firsts of my lasts has begun but it’s very exciting. I look forward to the rest of my senior year. I enjoy most of my classes so far and I look to improve my overall preformance compared to my last 3 years of high school.


About Me

I’m a senior at White Oak High School. I am always busy with activities such as band, choir, debate and twirling. I am 17 years old and work at Hot Topic. After high school I plan on attending collge as a business major.

Digital Citizenship and Footprint

I was shocked when I learned about the high number of parents that actually talk to their children about online safety due to the fact that most teenagers act ignorant online. I learned today about our digital footprint and the importance of being smart about what you put online because it could either hurt you or help you in the future. After watching a few videos on both the offender and the victims points,  as a result I’ve learned a little bit more about the whole situation and I now realize that this is a serious problem. For example if I was ever to be a victim of cyberbullying; I know how to handle it in an appropriate manner.